Yuri1313's Lelouch of the Rebellion Tv Review

Rated: 9

Code Geass is an anime that I recommend all the way. Anyone can get into it. It's very touching and remarkable. It's not my favorite anime, by far, but it's up there. Please watch.

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Yuri1313's Neon Genesis Evangelion Tv Review

Rated: 8

Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't for everyone. If you like a good story that is challenging to comprehend, then I recommend you check this one out. But if you like things in black and white, this isn't going to be your cup of tea. It's a good anime, but if it had been a bit easier to understand, it could have been even more succesful than it already is.

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Yuri1313's Bleach Tv Review

Rated: 5

After all the hype, after all the great comments I had heard from friends and people on the internet, Bleach was an EPIC dissapointment. From the characters, to the artwork, the series was just plain awful in my opinion. Why did I watch so many episodes? I was hoping that it would get better, for everything that everyone said to finally come together. But it didn't. If the story could have been better and the characters more enjoyable, it truly could have backed up all the hype around it. It had so much going for it, but it fell flat on its face. Please don't waste your time on this unless you like to murder time for fun.

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